About Fan'Cee

Fan'Cee The Author started her writing journey in 2017—during a time when she felt stagnant in her life and didn't know what her purpose was. Then one day, while sitting outside, enjoying the Florida sun, she began to conjure up different types of love stories in her head. At first, it wasn't anything she paid attention to, but then one day, it became to much. 


While sitting on the bed, with her ten-month-old son sleeping, Fan'Cee began her first book. At the young age of twenty-five, she'd been through many hardships and adversities based on how she lived her life. Despite that, Fan'Cee still came out on top. Every book she writes, rather it be fantasy, paranormal or merely fiction, each story shadows some aspect of her life. 


Fan'Cee's goal is to shine a light on how diverse love can be and how someone's lifestyle should not hinder them in any way. She wants to encourage her readers to live unapologetically while continuing to LOVE OUTSIDE THE LINES.